How to Fly with Camping Gear: Everything You Need to Know

Camping is an activity that has been around for centuries.

It’s a great way to get in touch with nature and enjoy the outdoors. It can also provide an opportunity to bond with friends, family members, or loved ones in a scenic location where you will find plenty of recreation opportunities.

But what happens when you want to bring your camping gear? To make it easier on yourself, here are some tips about how to fly with camping equipment.

How to Pack Your Camping Gear for a Flight

To make packing your cargo safe, consider the following:

1. Wrap items in foam, so they do not move around.

2. Place your gear on top of clothes or blankets to protect it from the luggage.

3. Place heavier items closer to the center of the luggage and lighter objects on either side.

4. Properly pad sharp objects that might accidentally puncture through tough material – foam does wonders here!

5. Organize your luggage for ease of access or organization – a duffel bag with a zipper is a good choice as it makes it easier to open and close quickly when passing through airport security checkpoints or going through baggage checks at your destination airport

6. Use locks on zippers and straps to secure your luggage.

7. Your camping equipment should be packed in a way that makes it easy to remove items for use on the trip, but also with enough protection so that nothing will get damaged during transit.

8. Tie a ‘fragile’ sticker onto your luggage and mark all sides of it as fragile if you are having trouble with the airport staff.

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Rent the Equipment Instead

If you’re not comfortable flying with your camping gear, or if you simply don’t have the space to bring it along on the plane, consider renting the equipment instead.

This can be a great option, especially if you’re only going camping for a short period. You can find rental companies online or in your local area, and most of them will have a wide variety of gear available for you to choose from.

Rental Camping Equipment Companies:

Ship the Camping Gear

Shipping your camping gear is an excellent alternative to flying with it. Not only will you save on airline fees, but you’ll also avoid the hassle of dealing with airport security. All you need to do is package your camping gear securely and send it on its way.

If you’re looking for a hassle-free option, shipping your camping gear is the way to go. Plus, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that your gear will arrive at your destination safely and in one piece.

Can I bring a tent in my carry-on?

It is possible to bring a tent in your carry-on. You might want to ask an airline before you pack it, though. Some check-in bags will get sent to the bottom of the plane, and if it rains, you might not want your tent down there!

Avoid excess baggage fees by bringing a camping tent with you on board. Not only is it possible, but some airlines allow travelers to bring their full-sized tents onto the flight with them.

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Can you bring camera gear on a plane?

You can bring camera gear on a plane as long as it’s in a hard case, and you check the box at the counter.

People who want to take their camera gear on a flight should always take their cameras out of the bag before going through security. Cases may be opened and inspected fully by the Transportation Security Agency agents, so you must be prepared for that.

Some flights also limit how much camera equipment you can bring on board with you, so if there is a lot of gear you want to take with you, be sure to check beforehand with your airline.

Can I take a trekking pole on an airplane?

If your trekking pole is telescopic, you might want to check with the airline before packing it in your luggage. Although some airlines allow them, they usually give a limit on how much one can bring on board and what types of poles are permitted. If you’re not sure, it’s best to ask an employee before flying.