6 Best Crampons for Hiking and Trekking on High Altitudes in 2021

For some people, nothing is more rewarding than reaching the top of a hiking destination. Looking out at the scenery from that point can be absolutely breathtaking and is a memory that will remain with you for the rest of your life. However, getting there would require the right climbing equipment, especially when your goal is to reach higher altitudes.

Black Diamond Sabretooth Clip Crampon – Our Pick!

With this high-quality crampon, you can make your way up to moderate climbs of mountaineering routes that have icy terrain. Black Diamond redesigned the Sabretooth Clip Crampons with stainless steel construction so that it will remain lightweight to handle alpine approaches while resisting rust and snowballing even more than before.

During the ascent, the horizontal front points provide help with techniques while offering precision during the descent at the secondary points. The rocker is increased and toils with the micro-adjust low-profile heel so that it is adjustable enough to fit all boots securely.

In addition, Sabretooth’s new improved clip version is front dual-density and rear ABS which is even lighter with more durability. It also features Micro-adjust heel bail that contains two positions.

Moreover, the new clip version added accommodations’ for boots that have a toe welt and for boots that do not contain a toe welt the pro version includes a flexible toe strap. All these things together make the Black Diamond one of the best crampons for high altitude hiking. We at YesHiking really like this model as one of the best for 2020.

Grivel G12 Cramp-O-Matic Crampon

The Crampomatic model is a full step-in brand and a step up in style. This model weighs only 2 pounds 4 ounces and requires both toe and rear welts on the boots.

The New-O-Matic model only weighs 2 pounds 3 ounces.

Both are highly recommended for general mountaineering as they are very durable and are of great quality on the easy grade ice. Other features include 2+2 front points, 3D relief stamped for increased rigidity, and strength of the frame, the horizontal frame reduces flex and snowballing.

Made of Chromoly steel material that is Semi-rigid this Crampon is equipped with 12 N Points and both anti-ball plates sets: an accordion cover and an anti-balling Antibot to completely prevent snowballing. It is fully adjustable by hand, folds easily for storage and fits European sizes 36 to 47.

OUTAD Traction Cleats/Crampon for Snow and Ice

The Outad Traction Cleats Snow and Ice Crampons are made of lightweight stainless steel that is very durable, are very easy to strap on and adjust in any kind of condition, and together the pair of crampons both weighs just 1 pound 1 ounce while the case to keep it in only weighs 5 ounces. They are very sturdy and effective for winter hiking.

The Outad Crampon has tolerance in low temperatures. Its tough ice cleats can take on any adventure and will fit right in your pocket since you can pack it down to a small size.

Additionally, it contains 14 aluminum alloy spikes that are abrasion-resistant and multi-directional enhanced ideal for hiking, running, and walking on trails that are packed with snow.

Its length of points/spikes is specifically designed for maximum stability, it’s easy off and on and the strap arrangement is very flexible, pocket-sized, and contains a net bag that you can carry around easily. Also, it has TPR rubber that fits very well with most any footwear and is durable with exceptional elasticity.

Camp Stalker Universal

The Camp Stalker Universal is Camp’s number one selling crampons, and definitely one of the best crampons for high altitude hiking. These Crampons are heavy duty and perform flawlessly with general mountaineering.

The universal bindings are complete with toe and heel that is thermoplastic and wrap around almost all classic hiking or mountaineering boots securely with nylon straps that are very sturdy.

An excellent choice for traveling safely in the mountains as it works great on beds of rock and steep snow while offered at a very affordable price.

The Camp Stalker Universal has all-new dynamic anti-balling plates and includes a handy carrying case to keep it. Furthermore, it is available in striking colors that coordinate with the Neve ice ax.

This Crampon is easy to put on, and to take off, weighs a mere 33.4 ounces (948g), and provides 12 points for security as well as great gripping on all forms of ice and snow.

Proven to stand the test of time as it is constructed with traditional Chromoly steel this Crampon will fit boots of European sizes 36 to 48 or US 5.5 to 15 and no tools are required to make easy size adjustments.

Petzl Vasak Crampon

Climb and ascend with confidence with Petzl Vasak Crampons, designed to travel from snow couloirs to glaciers in abrupt ice slopes through steep pitches and hard snow. These Crampons will reduce snow buildup in any conditions with the included anti-snow system. It contains Flex lock bindings making it possible to attach to any type of boots with rear and front welts or without.

It also features 12 horizontal front points that will provide solid purchase while in hard snow, contains a thinner frame to reduce its weight of 28.57 ounces or 810 g, and fits European boot sizes 36 to 50 and in the US will fit Men from size 5 to 15.

Another good thing about this Crampon is you can put them on very fast and easy as well as take them off fast and easy, even while wearing gloves and can adjust them very fast and easily without any tools needed. It stays rock solid while the teeth grip and dig into the snow while locking securely.

To learn more about Crampons watch this educational video Using crampons

Note: Prices may vary from time to time, or can change frequently and be raised or lowered. Also, these items won’t last very long at these low prices, so be sure and get yours now to add to your hiking gear collection.

Black Diamond Contact Strap Crampons

Yes, we already know that Black Diamond makes some of the best crampons in the market right now. This model is a perfect example of a great product made by this brand. These crampons are compact, easy to use and provide 10 points of contact with the snow.

They’re made of stainless steel, which is light enough ( 808 grams ), rustproof, and extremely durable. The front points of contact with the snow are horizontal as usual and provide fantastic stability. With the secondary points in the back, you get the additional hold for your feet when you climb kicking stairs, for example.

Have in mind that if you wear boots size 12 and larger you need to buy the Long Center Bars which will hold you back additional $23 bucks.

If you are looking for crampons for general mountaineering, skiing, and glacier walking you need to consider this model.

Understanding High Altitudes

Altitude is the height above sea level. Traveling higher increases altitude while decreasing moisture, pressure, gravity, and oxygen as you become more distant from the Earth’s center and its oceans.

While air pushes down from above and air molecules, spread out the air density will decrease affecting your aerobic performance (how much oxygen is consumed by the body during exercise) significantly making it harder to breathe and walk considering the reduced pressure also contributes to making your body feel heavier.

This is when you will be glad you prepared ahead of time for your hike. Since acquiring the right hiking gear can mean the difference between risking injury and having to turn back or reaching your goal and achieving success safely and enjoyable.

How Crampons Can Help You on Your Hike

Crampons are metal plates with spikes that can be attached to hiking boots for the ability to walk on ice or rocks more easily.

With Crampons, you are capable of climbing frozen waterfalls, crossing glaciers, ascending ice-smeared rock, and soaring snow slopes, without them, you aren’t going anywhere since the terrain going up can contain some harsh obstacles.

In the past Crampons were very heavy, hard to put on, loosely worn, and — not that it should matter but — very hard on the eyes.

Today, thanks to modern technology, Crampons come in many different styles and with various features. Most Crampons today are…

• Made to fit snug as they are adjustable with sturdy straps, so that one-size-fits-all

• Durable and built to last even in the toughest conditions

• Necessary to walk on tough terrain and capable of providing traction that grips and holds onto the ice in any condition even on the highest peaks

• Corrosion-resistant and won’t wear out fast or render useless anytime soon

• Light and compact so that they will not take up a lot of space in your backpack and easy to lug around

• Come with their own lightweight carrying bags

• Stylish and will go with anything. Those who have never hiked will want to, just to wear these babies

• Offered at a very fair, affordable price considering their long-lasting value

• Allow for a safe and secure trip while hiking up or down mountain slopes

• Are very fast and easy to put on and take off as well as to adjust even with gloves on

• Points are more versatile and technical

And much more.

 best crampons for high altitude hiking
Photo by Jackman Chiu

If you are thinking about going on a hike, do not let anything stand in your way of ensuring you have a safe and secure hiking trip with the right gear to support you in your travels.

Having the right gear can make a big difference in your journey. No matter what anyone says, always expect and plan for the worst that way you will never run into any surprises that you are not prepared to handle.

Get the right gear and go on your hike with confidence and your trip will be much more enjoyable.

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