Are Classic Timberlands Good for Hiking?

Hiking gives you an opportunity to explore unpredictable terrains, making it essential to be ready for any outcome. Therefore, wearing boots with a rigid sole is recommended whenever you want to step out for a hike. 

One of the most popular brands of shoes among urban youth and adults is the Timberland boot. The popular classic Timberland boot is characterized by a brown color and tough sole that seems to last for ages. This brings us to the question: are Timberlands suitable for hiking? 

Here is what I found after doing my research: 

Classic Timberland is not a good shoe for hiking. Classic Timberland might have a very tough sole, but that is not all you want in a hiking boot. However, Timberland makes other boots that are good for hiking – Men’s 1978 Aerocore, CHOCORUA TRAIL, White Ledge, and Euro Hiker. 

BootsWeight ( Size 9 ) WaterproofGood for hiking?
Timberland Classics1 lb 13 ozYesNo
Timberland 1978 Aerocore1 lb 3 ozYesYes
Timberland CHOCORUA TRAIL1 lb 2 oz YesYes
Timberland White Ledge1 lb 2 ozYesYes
Timberland Euro Hiker1 lb 5 ozYesYes
Timberland Garrison Trail1lb 1 oz YesYes

What makes a good hiking boot?

One of the most important features of a good hiking boot is that it should be lightweight. This allows you to wear the hiking boot for a long time without tiring your feet or experiencing any discomfort. 

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The hiking boot’s sole should also provide you with enough traction to prevent slipping on slippery roads. Moreover, a good hiking boot should fit properly on your feet. 

According to Camotrek, proper fitting hiking boots have the advantage of ensuring the hiker maintains proper stability, preventing injuries to the foot, absorbing shock resulting from the impact of hiking on uneven terrain, and retaining the shape of the boot.

High-quality hiking boots can also help you prevent blisters

Hiking boots should also be breathable to allow moisture to escape and keep the feet dry. While hiking, your feet are likely to sweat profusely, and having a breathable pair of boots reduces the chances of your feet developing blisters. 

The amount of coverage also differentiates between a good hiking boot and a bad one. Hiking boots should offer enough coverage but leave room for ventilation and sufficient airflow.

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Cushioning in hiking boots is another vital thing to consider because it defines how comfortable walking with the boot feels. With proper cushioning, the foot’s impact with the ground is spread over a while instead of immediate impact when hiking with boots that don’t optimize cushioning. 

Modern hiking boots have innovative technologies that significantly improve traditional cushioning that utilized rubber. The cushioning materials used nowadays include air soles, gels, and insole pads.

The other factor you should consider in hiking boots is durability. Getting a boot that combines all the features above and fits snug on your feet is not easy and will most definitely not come cheap. Purchasing a durable boot ensures that you will use it for a long time.

Timberland Classics Review

Timberland Classic are an all-time favorite pair of boots made for the urban dweller. They come in color choices of either black or brown and feature a stiff rubber sole with deep engraved lugs at the bottom for sufficient traction when walking. 

The boots are made using 100% genuine leather, which is durable and long-lasting. This boot has complete foot coverage and is held in place by long laces that intertwine from the top of the foot all the way to the top edge on the front. The top edge has a padded collar for extra comfort, while the interior comes with 400 grams of Prim aloft insulation. 

The Timberland classic is not an ideal hiking boot because it lacks breathability and is on the heavier side. Note, however, that the 100% leather material is not built for the outdoors. The stiff sole is also not very comfortable to walk on for a long time.

Timberland Men’s 1978 Aerocore Review

The Aerocore men’s shoe is perfectly suited for the regular hiker for several reasons. To begin with, its overall weight is less than two pounds meaning that you can walk in them all day without breaking a sweat. 

The boot’s sole is made of synthetic material, which yields to pressure easily to allow your feet to move freely whenever you take a step. The Aerocore can be worn in two ways. The first is the full unrolled shoe that extends just above the ankle. The second is with the quarter panel rolled down to increase breathability when hiking on a hot day.

On the exterior, the Aerocore is made using Timber Dry waterproof membrane, which ensures that the shoes hold up well against any water that lands on the surface. The interior comes with Ortholite comfort foam insoles that have anti-microbial functionality and boost cushioning of the feet. 

You also get four color choices when buying these boots, including black, medium brown, brown, and wheat grain colors. This means that you will always find a pair to match your hiking style. All these features make this boot ideal for hiking, backpacking, and camping.

Timberland CHOCORUA TRAIL Review

Timberland Chocorua boot is designed to give you ultimate confidence when conquering the outdoors. The exterior is made using full-grain waterproof leather, meaning that you can walk in the rain and cross over puddles with confidence. The additional Gore-tex membrane on the exterior ensures water droplets stay out and your feet remain dry.

The boot is held in place by durable laces that intertwine into the rustproof lace membrane attached to each side of the boot in the front. The sole is made of rubber for durability and even weight distribution when walking. 

The bottom of the sole features lugs that run from the front edge to the back for superior traction and reduced slipping or sliding chances.

In its interior, the Chocorua Trail comes with a removable and washable contoured sock liner designed to improve comfort and reduce impact when your foot hits the ground. This hiking boot comes in color choices of black, brown, and dark green, allowing you to pick the color that goes with the environment you are hiking in.

Timberland White Ledge Review

The Timberland White Ledge is made of 100% pure leather that features artistic stitches with waterproof seams designed to keep water out and the interior dry. The full-grain leather used in the construction of these boots guarantees durability and comfort without compromising style. 

The Timberland logo is also displayed conspicuously, allowing you to flaunt your quality boots to other hikers when hiking in a group.

Hikers experience comfort when wearing these boots equal to no other pair of hiking boots. The rear edge is extra padded to prevent the boot from scuffing the ankle. The front yields to pressure from the interior to give the shoes minimal break-in time when they are fresh from the shop. 

The sole flexes with ease to make the boot comfortable on long trails. Extra-long shoelaces keep the boots fitted snug on your feet while the rustproof wedge-shaped lace holders on either side hold the laces in place. 

The top two lace holders change into hooks, allowing you to open up the top edge easily to allow air to flow to the interior during extremely hot weather. The White Ledge boots come in color choices of dark brown, brown, black, tan, and wheat grain.

Timberland Euro Hiker Boots Review

The Eurohiker boots from Timberland are high profile boots that also support low profile usage with a foldable top edge and two hook lace holder attachments at the top. 

The rear edge comes padded for comfort, while the flat rubber sole with deep lugs optimizes the soles’ traction, thus allowing you to remain upright even when hiking on slippery roads.

The exterior is made using 100% full-grain leather that lasts for ages, even after being taken out to battle with the unforgiving outdoor environment. State of the art LWG tannery is used to stitch the leather, thus achieving waterproof seams.

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The laces that keep the shoe fitted tight on the feet are made with recycled plastic and fit in the rustproof lace hardware lined on both sides. The heel features a steel shank for improved arch support, which allows you to move comfortably with this boot even when carrying a massive load inside your hiking backpack. 

The front has a tip infused with a sturdy toe guard that protects your toes in case you hit a hard surface. It also works to retain the shape of the boot even with expected wear and tear. The Eurohiker is only available in brown and wheat grain color options.

Timberland Garrison Trail Boots Review

The Timberland Garrison boots are designed for all-weather hiking on different terrains. The thick sole is made of durable rubber that is capable of standing the test of time. 

The rubber sole balances between stiffness and flexibility at just the right spot for outdoor hiking. Uniquely patterned lugs etched at the bottom of the sole run from the front to the back and give you enough traction to prevent slipping on muddy roads.

The exterior features a waterproof TimberDry membrane that keeps water out and the interior dry. The interior has OrthoLite footbed cushions for comfort. The base has been designed using a sensor flex comfort system that provides superior underfoot support and flexibility when going uphill or downhill.

The heel’s arch support is enabled by the inbuilt nylon shank and allows easy movement even with a heavy load on your back. Laces hold the shoe in place by going through the rustproof lace hardware with hooks at the top edge for quick adjustment. 

The Garrison boot is only available in a single dark brown color with pink laces. You, however, can swap the laces for a color that matches your hiking style and gear.